Join the Solar Revolution

The Solar Revolution is sponsored by Ernest Lampert for the purpose of educating the world to the beneficial uses of renewable energy resources. The Solar Revolution supports a worldwide educational campaign to encourage the use of our free renewable energy resources.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is an energy form that, when used, can be replaced without depleting any exhaustible fuel or resource. Renewable energy is the most abundant resource on our planet and comes to us free from the sun each day.

How Many Renewable Energy Resources Are There And How Can They Be Used?

The sun provides all renewable energy in five basic forms:

1. Sunlight.

Photons, the smallest particles of sunlight, contain energy. Photovoltaic solar cells are able to capture this energy and convert it directly into electricity. There are no moving parts, no pollution and the cells have a very long life.

2. Heat.

Heat from the sun is known as Solar-Thermal energy. When heat is captured in concentrating collectors, extremely high temperatures can be generated. This thermal energy can be used for direct electric power generation, process heat, indoor heating and cooling, and hot water for many purposes.

3. Wind.

As the sun heats the land masses and water masses of the earth, different temperature levels and pressures develop which, as the earth turns, create a movement of higher and lower speeds. This wind can be captured by rotating blades connected directly to an electric generator or water pump.

4. Biomass from plant life.

Sunlight, when absorbed by all living plants, creates a photosynthesis process
that provides the energy needed for plants to grow. Plant life can be harvested and then renewed. Besides providing food, biomass can be fermented into alcohol and gas motor fuels, burned directly in hot water boilers and the stillage used for protein food source.

5. Hydro energy from water.

As the sun shines on water masses, heated vapors create droplets of water known as rain. This rain, stored behind hydroelectric turbines, represents massive amounts of energy. In addition, very powerful hydrogen gas can be separated from water and used as a motor fuel in fuel cells.

How Can Renewable Energy Resources Be Put To Work?

Capturing renewable energy is an equipment function. By integrating different types of renewable energy equipment, all of the renewable energy forms can be captured and converted directly into motor fuels, gases, electricity, heating and cooling and providing humankind with an inexhaustible supply of energy and food.

How Much Does Renewable Energy Cost?

The sun provides free renewable energy to everyone on the planet. All that needs to be done is to capture this free energy from the sun with renewable energy equipment. Equipment that captures free incoming energy from the sun creates value. This value provides the equipment owner with many years of free energy income above and beyond the cost of the original equipment.

How Will Renewable Energy Create Energy Independence?

When all countries utilize their renewable energy resources, they will be able to create jobs through manufacture of renewable energy equipment. The more equipment installed, the faster a country can take advantage of its free energy income. A country which starts using its own land mass to collect energy from the sun will eventually become energy independent.

When a country becomes energy independent, its industries will become more productive, reducing inflation. With lower inflation, increased employment caused by manufacturing renewable energy equipment and lower energy costs for existing industries, these countries will be able to create a higher standard of living for their citizens.

As each country gains this new economic advantage, there will be a reduction in the consumption of exhaustible fossil fuel resources, thereby reducing pollution and the chances of an energy resource war between countries who are desperate for energy.

Energy lncome And Capital.

Our planet is unique in this universe in that it supports life. Life should exist on this planet forever. This planet has, locked up within its crust, a limited amount of energy capital in its mineral and fossil fuel resources. These resources should be used for products and personal effects. The more these exhaustible resources are used to create energy and in turn, pollution, the sooner our future generations will pay the cost of our mistakes. It is only logical to switch to the use of earth’s energy income rather than depleting its energy capital.

The Solar Revolution joins a movement of people spreading the understanding of renewable energy and its benefits around the world. It is our hope that as more people sponsor this belief, the world will become more peaceful, prosperous and productive.

Ernest Lampert

November 1978