The SoIar Revolution became
an Educational Mission from the founder,
Ernest Lampert.

Man is dependent on a sustainable and pollution free energy future. During 1972, Arabia caused an oil energy embargo that created havoc around the world and especially in the United States. There were long gas lines, fuel shortages and economic hardships due to escalating fuel costs as the embargo led to profiteering by countries with oil, taking advantage over countries that are dependent on oil imports. The founder’s enterprises were also economically damaged due to these shortages and price gouging. 

The founder began a research and development company to explore how to provide an inexhaustible supply of clean energy that is owned by each and every person on the planet….”THE SUN.” Research continued and future systems were designed. In 1978, Arabia caused a second oil embargo that created even larger economic hardships and shortages than the first embargo in 1972. After several years of research and development, the founder, with the heIp of scientists, engineers, environmentalists and government programs, believed the technology could be developed to soIve the world’s energy future. It became clear that there were no energy programs to define how to capture and use the sun’s power on earth. During the 1970’s there was very little interest or support in what became termed as “Renewable Energy.” For the planet to take advantage of this free renewable energy resource would require a movement or education campaign to develop public awareness that would be needed to enact legislation and support for a new solar energy industry.

The Solar Revolution mission statement was the founder′s dream on how to start an educational campaign and movement to promote utilization of our free and clean solar energy resources. This mission statement was introduced in November, 1978, and was published with a Solar Revolution newsletter on a quarterly basis and mailed to thousand’s of persons interested in the Solar Revolution.

The theme “JOIN THE SOLAR REVOLUTION” was promoted in hope that as more people shared this common interest in an inexhaustible supply of free solar energy would create a united voice to generate public support. Whether you believe in global warming due to man′s influence, or not, the solar revolution message provides the pathway to resolve these issues. The rapid development of renewable energy resources is critical to the planets future and the solar revolution will heIp convince legislators to have the “will” to create the change and overcome pollution creating “Non-renewable” resources such as coal, oil and nuclear. Non-renewable energy resources are usually owned by large companies and under government control. The Solar Revolution mission is shared to help everyone understand the 5 basic Renewable Energy resources and how they can be integrated into a clean energy future where we tread softy on the earth. The founder believes that the Solar Revolution will help this change in our selection of our energy future. So, everyone relax, you can sleep comfortably because man’s energy future is actually very secure. We have “the sun” and man has the technology to secure our energy free and pollution free world. Now is the time to become pro-active and join the solar revolution and pass on this mission statement.