THE PLATFORM (SR) to Combat Climate Change and Fund Social Service Programs

THE PLATFORM (SR) will combat climate change, fund social service programs, lower electricity costs, lower taxes and provide the world with an inexhaustible supply of pollution free on-site Renewable Energy, along with turning the Fossil Fuel industry more profitable and Green.

THE PLATFORM (SR) action plan to combat climate change caused by mankind’s thirst for electric power is to switch/change and convert current non-renewable fossil fuel produced electricity over to free renewable solar produced electricity and stop paying for fossil fuel produced electricity.

The Solar Revolution sponsors THE PLATFORM (SR) that is based on a world wide grass roots campaign currently being developed to achieve THE PLATFORM (SR) goals to combat climate change and fund social service programs.


1. Pass Legislation

  • THE PLATFORM (SR) grass roots campaign will educate and convince worldwide governments why it is critical to pass massive new laws creating “Climate Change Bonds”. These climate change bonds are similar to world war 2 bonds and will fund and pay for the installation of a 100% independent on-site solar electric and battery storage system on every residential, commercial and industrial property in each country.
  • The Climate Change Bonds will create the funds necessary to pay for the manufacturing, engineering design, installation and maintenance on every property’s solar electric system.
  • It is critical that we are conservative with our use of coal, oil and gas and conserve these valuable resources for further generations and not burn them into heating the planet and pollution.

2. Funding the Climate Change Bonds

  • Between 1940 and 1945, the United States was fighting the “Second World War’ in Europe and in the Pacific. The U.S and allies created War Bonds that provided the funds to pay the costs of World War 2 that unfortunately cost the world 78 million lives.
  • The Climate Change Bonds do not cost lives, instead they solve the very problems the planet needs at this time such as (1) stopping Fossil Fuel electricity production that heats our atmosphere and oceans and (2) fund social service programs (3) lowers electricity cost (4) lower taxes (5) along with turning the Fossil Fuel Industry more profitable and Green.

3. Climate Change Bond Providers

  • The Climate Change Bonds would be provided by governments and private investment for 10 to 20 year periods depending on each property’s solar electric system installed costs.

4. Climate Change Bond Repayment Program

The bonds will be paid off from the solar electric sales income collected and paid from every property’s electricity consumption. The price the consumers will pay for solar electricity will be fixed at current rates and not increased due to inflation. The current price for electricity is based on the comparative price paid for fossil fuel produced electricity versus a fixed price from solar produced electricity.

5. Climate Change Bond Funds 5 point Social Service Programs

As the climate change bonds are being liquidated from the solar electric sales income provides the funds for THE PLATFORM (SR) to solve climate change issues, lower electricity prices and taxes along with funding this 5 point Social Service program. 

  • Pays Medicare for all, allowing health care insurance for private plans.
  • Pays for increased Social Security benefits.
  • Pays for Welfare for children, homeless and the mentally challenged.
  • Pays for Education and Research Programs.
  • Pays Infrastructure – roads, bridges, schools, airports, etc.
  • This 5 point Social Service program is easy to fund and implement during the transition from Fossil Fuel energy to renewable energy.

6. U.S. Energy Consumption

The U.S. Government reports that the total U.S. consumption is estimated at 4 Trillion Kilowatt hours per year.

  • If we  price a kWh at $0.20/kWh, then 4 trillion kWh x $0.20/kWh equals $800 Billion/year including demand costs.
  • This 800 Billion dollars of electricity saved per year would pay back the bonds from free solar electric power sales income.
  • If we estimate the future development of electric vehicles for all transportation sectors, it could surpass another 8 Trillion kWh or based on 20 cents per kWh= 1.6 Trillion dollars per year. These savings would also be used to pay back the bonds.

7. 2.4 Trillion Dollars Per Year Energy Cost

When combining the 800 Billion dollars per year currently being paid for 4 Trillion kWh per year by property owners/consumers and 1.6 Trillion dollars per year paid by the transportation sector totals over 2.4 trillion dollars per year being paid to the Fossil Fuel Industry for energy.

THE PLATFORM (SR) calls for this 2.4 Trillion dollars per year of energy savings generated from free solar electricity to be utilized to (1) apply 800 Billion dollars per year to reduce future electric transportation sector costs and (2) 1.6 Trillion dollars per year to fund the 5 point Social Service programs.

THE PLATFORM (SR) calls for redirecting the 2.4 Trillion dollars per year paid to the Fossil Fuels Industry for energy to:

  • First pay off the Climate Change Bonds
  • Provide 1.6 Trillion dollars per year to the treasury to pay for the Social Service programs and 800 Billion dollars per year to reduce electric vehicle costs.
  • Providing 1.6 Trillion dollars per year to the treasury will lower individual and corporate income taxes.
  • Lower taxes provide funds to lower national debt.

8. PLATFORM (SR) Generates Multiple Benefits

  • Converts Fossils Fuel electricity over to solar electricity.
  • Lowers the amount of heat/thermal energy being released into the atmosphere and oceans from burning Fossil Fuels into electricity.
  • Lowers the amount of CO2 and pollution that contribute to the GreenHouse effect that traps heat in our atmosphere.
  • Lowers consumer electricity costs.
  • Funds the 5 point Social Service Program.
  • Lowers individual and corporate income taxes from the PLATFORM (SR) solar electric sales income.
  • Lower taxes provide funds to start paying down the national debt.
  • Fosters a new wave of clean technology and employment opportunities.
  • Makes all properties 100% energy independent.
  • The solar electric and battery storage systems receive free sunlight and produce salable electricity and are a self-liquidating performing asset.

9. PLATFORM (SR) Bond Administration

  • State and local governments will administer the climate change bond programs to ensure that every property has an independent solar electric system correctly designed, installed and funded.
  • The Congress will pass the Climate Change Bond program and the state governments will monitor and supervise a free enterprise competitive bidding process for the manufacturing and installation of the solar electric systems.
  • Property owners that do not have sufficient on-site space for a 100% solar electric system are also connected to the national electric grid that receives power from large desert solar farms.

10. PLATFORM (SR) Renewable Energy

Protesters around the world are asking their countries and governments to change energy policy and fight against global warming and climate change. Whether you believe in man’s contribution to global warming or not, it still makes common sense to switch to renewable energy resources which reduces air pollution to almost zero.

11. Climate Change

If you believe that man’s form of producing electric energy from non-renewable energy resources such as coal, oil and gas is causing the planet to grow warmer, you are most likely correct. Every time we light a fire, drive a car, convert any solid or liquid material into electricity, it will release heat into the atmosphere and oceans.

12. Fossil Fuel Industry Impact Statement

To combat climate change requires a transition from non-renewable fossil fuel resources to renewable energy resources. The transition requires a shift in how fossil fuel energy is utilized. As fossil fuels are replaced as an energy resource they will become more important to use for materials, products and chemicals, etc. The Climate Change Bonds also subsidize the Fossil Industry with research and development funds to create new uses and products making fossil fuel resources very valuable and Green.

In conclusion, The Climate Change PLATFORM (SR) plan would make the U.S. a world leader in controlling global warming and reducing property owners and transportation owner’s future energy costs along with providing major funding to the 5 point social service program. All paid for by THE SUN.

If you are really concerned about climate change; get off the couch and support the level of your concern with your level of donation to help with The Solar Revolution Platform’s (SR) grassroots campaign.

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