The Platform Turns Fossil Fuels Green And More Profitable

The platform supports the Fossil Fuel Industry (FFI) (Coal, Oil and Gas) “GROWTH,” not killing the industry through regulation and penalties.

The platform is designed to green the Fossil Fuel Industry, secure its future, increase employment opportunities and investor’s profitability.

The platform provides new subsidies and new technology that converts the use of coal, oil and gas from electricity production and motor fuels into very valuable products and chemicals. This platform will greatly reduce the amount of heat expelled into the earth’s atmosphere from electricity production and motor fuel production.

To “Green” the Fossil Fuel Industry is relatively easy by replacing FFI, a non-renewable resource with a free renewable energy, “THE SUN.”

The world’s population growth is expected to grow from 10 billion persons to 15 billion persons on the planet by 2050 and that is a 50% growth in the next 30 years.  To satisfy this population growth will demand exponential increase in the production of products, chemicals etc., from fossil fuels.

The planet will consume and require 50% more products and chemicals than are currently being produced.  This increase in demand for products, chemicals, etc., will require fossil fuel new technology and subsidies to accomplish the changes necessary from energy production into product production.

In this platform, the exchange and transition of energy production from fossil fuels over to renewable energy is crucial.

It is reported that 80% of the world’s products and chemicals are derived from coal, oil and gas.  Fossil fuels are one of the most valuable non-renewable resources we have by providing mankind a “Basic Building Block” to create a magnitude of life supporting products.  Essentially, we need to grow the production of coal, oil and gas to provide the products to serve a growing population.

Leaders in the fossil fuel industry support the platform because:

  1. Subsidies will offset and balance the difference in the value of BTU’s from fossil fuels heat rating in comparison to the value of products during the transition over to the renewable energy platform.
  2. New technology will be funded to demonstrate and provide an over expanding use of FFI for everyday products.
  3. A basic energy balance value of BTU’s from coal, oil and gas will be adjusted and compared to the value and price paid for electric production from fossil fuels as they will be competing with products and chemicals, versus the value of burning these resources into heat and energy along with the side effects associated with global warming/climate change.
  4. A careful transition from producing energy from fossil fuels over to renewable energy will be employed to secure the FFI industries worldwide position and prevent any economic imbalance between transition from energy production over to products and chemicals.
  5. FFI investors support the platform because it secures a long-term profit, saves investors fossil fuel resources, and capitalists can take pride in greening the industry while contributing to a pollution-free environment.

Politicians struggle with the FFI problems and their polarization, is the biggest obstacle in solving global warming and energy sustainability.

Some politicians propose higher income taxes and a special “carbon tax” as their idea to reduce the use of fossil fuel use for energy production.

A “carbon tax” is the worst idea proposed.  A carbon tax does nothing to reduce FFI use.  The only result of a carbon tax will be to raise your electric costs.  The electric power industry will simply pass on this carbon tax as higher costs for the consumer and no fossil fuels are saved or reduction in pollution will occur and no renewable/solar equipment is installed.  CARBON TAX IS A LOSER.

Activists around the world are protesting the continued use of coal, oil and gas as the world’s principle energy resource.  These protests have grown to include global warming/climate change issues and organizations are being formed to create change in world energy use.

The platform provides the fossil fuel industry the solution on to “Go Green,” and become more profitable.

Future generations will thank our generation for saving fossil fuels for future products and reducing climate warming and its long-term effect on the planet.



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